Helping the Post-Secondary Youth of North America

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Our Goal

Our goal at Find Scholarships Online is to provide students with the opportunity to fund their educational journey.

Find Scholarships Online

Why Find Scholarships Online?

We source some of the best, and
“under-applied” scholarships online. This gives YOU the highest opportunity to earn additional funding! 

Find Scholarships Online

What Does Under-Applied mean?

While some scholarships receive 100’s or even 1000’s of submissions.  When a scholarship is under-applied, typically there are fewer than 50 applicants. This gives you the highest chance to be awarded!

Find Scholarships Online

Where Can You Apply From?

All scholarships are based in North America (United States and Canada) and have a wide range of eligibility criteria.

Our Impact

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Our Passion Is Education

Find Scholarships Online strives to provide scholarships to ensure that deserving post-secondary youth are given the opportunity to attend accredited universities or colleges. Recognizing that there are thousands of students with great potential that currently do not have the means to attend post-secondary school, Find Scholarships Online wanted to make a change. 

Education Matters

Attaining a higher level of education is an invaluable pursuit. It develops character, intelligence and opens up far more opportunities in both career and life as a whole.


Our values are to find  the highest paying scholarships with the lowest applications for students in North America. 

Geographic Differences

Depending on which state or province you live in, your chances of being accepted to a quality postsecondary institution can vary.