Dr. Schlomo Schmuel Scholarship Program
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Dr. Schlomo Schmuel is offering 3 scholarships, 2 valued at $750 and the grand prize valued at $1,500 to US post-secondary students.

About Dr. Schlomo Schmuel

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As an entrepreneur, Dr. Schlomo Schmuel has built a thriving business specializing in Podiatric Medicine.

Dr. Schmuel has nine locations for his business with his primary location being in Los Angeles, California on Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Foot Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology.  He has incorporated a staff of highly trained compassionate as well as caring professionals to serve patients with any foot and ankle conditions. In addition, as an accredited ambulatory surgical center, they can perform limb salvage of the foot & ankle as well as complex reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel started his career as a graduate of the College of Podiatric Medicine in Independence, Ohio on the campus of Kent State University in 1991. He did his Internship in Podiatric Surgery and performed his Residency in Podiatric Surgery at the University of Southern California Medical Center in Los Angeles County.

Looking to the future, Dr. Schlomo Schmuel plans to continue practicing Podiatric Medicine. He finds great joy as well as satisfaction in his practice. According to the doctor, his patients tend to recover rather quickly. It is almost immediate gratification being able to see his patients make recovery so quickly. He considers that to be a bonus of his specialty.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel is devoted to his family and enjoys spending as much quality time with them as possible. He also believes in staying fit by walking, jogging, or cycling. In addition, he enjoys flying to exotic places as he has his own pilot’s license.